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We offer you our support for stable operation of your Identity and Access Management projects. Depending on your company’s requirements, we accompany you from the initial introduction of operations to already existing IAM processes. We take over the support and further development of your IAM infrastructure and take care of the trouble-free operation and process flow in mutual coordination. Our service includes defined service level agreements, which we process reliably. Our specialists are available to you on fixed dates and for special assignments, both in person and remotely.

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Maintenance and support

Our expert support takes care of your wishes and needs quickly, solution-oriented and reliably. We are available to you at any time from Mon.-Fri. between 08:00 – 17:00 or according to the individual maintenance contracts. Our support team can be reached by phone at +49 (0)6051 8326 0 or by mail.

We take over the maintenance of your IT systems and offer you holistic operational support.

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Fast and competent help in case of malfunctions and problems

The security of proper operation of the IT systems

Continuous, personal and individual IT support both on-site and remotely

More stability thanks to proactive problem detection


Regular IT maintenance is necessary to ensure secure operation of the systems and the security level. With our on-site and remote maintenance service of IT systems, we offer you a powerful as well as competitive infrastructure. With the help of permanent process improvements, malfunctions are avoided, technically flawless conditions are ensured and preventive maintenance measures are taken. Regular support and maintenance of your IT systems (ProActive) thus improves the productivity and stability of the IT infrastructure.

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We support you in all (administrative) processes related to your IT concerns and ensure a smooth process in regular operations. An important part of operational support is the proactive monitoring of IT systems, which guarantees you both immediate relief and fast and competent cooperation with IT specialists. We keep your systems continuously up to date and thus prevent security gaps or data loss.



Effective business processes are an indispensable part of efficient IT infrastructures. With our consulting, we support you in finding solutions and in important decision-making processes. An essential part of our consulting is the identification of weak points and the integration of suitable software solutions. Our consulting is on an equal footing.

On this basis, we work with you to develop a sustainable strategy and accompany you along the way in the implementation of identity and access systems, as well as the integration of these systems into other IT systems and the training of employees in the use of these systems.

In doing so, we combine our knowledge, our years of experience and the latest technologies in a targeted concept.

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Support for your company with holistic consulting and personally customized software solution

Practical and innovative identity solutions for business processes of all sizes

Flawless implementation and long-term support

Well advised in all cases

protect your business with our services

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License Management

In almost all companies, software programs are part of the daily work routine. In most companies, the number of software programs in use is constantly increasing, and so is the variety of license agreements. License management is the process of tracking and managing software licenses within an organization. This includes keeping track of the number of licenses purchased and the software products used, and ensuring that the organization complies with the terms of software license agreements. Effective license management can help companies reduce costs by ensuring they only pay for the licenses they need and use. It can also help companies avoid the risks and costs associated with software license non-compliance, such as audits, fines and legal action. There are several ways companies can approach license management, including

This involves manually recording licenses and their usage using spreadsheets or other methods.

There are a number of software tools that can automate the license tracking and management process, including inventory management software, license compliance software and software license optimization tools.

Some companies choose to outsource their license management to a consultant like Maintainet AG.

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